Many People in Shreveport Wondered if a Unique Golf Experience Would Ever Come to Shreveport-Bossier.

We first heard of Chasing Aces in January of 2022. The promise was that Shreveport-Bossier would have something epic just like Top Golf. According to Chasing Aces is a $25 million development. The golf experience will span out over 27 acres. said we can expect "an interactive, multi-level driving range with 30 bays, similar to the popular Top Golf franchise, but with more amenities and dining options." Chasing Aces also wants to add a nine-hole smart course and an 18-hole putting course. It won't just be a place to hang out with your crew, you can also brush off on those golf skills. Chasing aces promises a unique experience and there will be a pro shop, a training center, and a few different restaurant options.

Friday February 9th Was a Busy Day for Chasing Aces.

Local Economic Developers broke ground Friday on the new Chasing Aces Golf entertainment complex. There was support from State and city officials and several residents who are eager to see this experience take off.

According to "The development, with a planned opening in 2025, will create 120 full and part-time jobs once opened and another 200 construction jobs over 14 months."

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